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Subject:  Re: Credit Reporting Agencies Date:  4/17/1998  6:45 PM
Author:  TMFJedi Number:  1178 of 312185

<<Experian, a spinoff of TRW's credit reporting company, will give you 1 free copy per year
regardless where you live. In the state of Georgia, and a few others , the 3 bureaus are required to
give you at least 2 FREE copies per year. TU and Equifax would will charge as much as 8$ per
copy if they can. >>

I was on all the bureau's sites todat (ordering my reports), and all 3 charge you $8/report, unless laws in your state tell them otherwise (all 3 sites have listings of which rate applies to which state when you request a report). Experian has, unfortunately, discontinued the 1-free-report-per-year offer, and at the present is the only one that does not currently offer online ordering of your credit report. According to the info on their websitem however, they intend to offer it soon (and, if I am correct, electronic delivery of the report as well), and you can sign up for their e-mail list to receive notification when they do get that set up.

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