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Subject:  Re: Withholding Date:  4/18/1998  3:05 AM
Author:  DowDanny Number:  3577 of 127616

Dear PSU,

In addition to the previous suggestions, one thing you might check (if you prefer to make 'monthly withholding deductions', rather than quarterly estimated payments) is to check whether or not both you and your wife are caliming the same exemptions. One common error is for BOTH working spouses to claim same (maximum) number of exemptions. The 'better method' is for one personto determine the 'max exemptions' and then have the two workers split 'em... or give them all to one, and have the other claim none.

If you've already done this, and you are STILL way underpaying, most employers allow you to specify an 'additional payment' to be withheld from each paycheck. The W-4 form has a space for just such an election.

Finally, as you've read already, making 'unequal payments' for your 1040-ES are fine, but if you think that saving them up for one-really-big payment at end of year gets you off the hook the answer is NO. On other hand, if you (check your W-4) make extra large 'withholding payments' in the last month or two of the year, the IRS counts them as evenly distributed throughout the year and this often reduces the 'penalty' associated with underwithholding.

Good Luck !
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