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Subject:  Re: 0% APR Date:  4/28/1998  11:18 AM
Author:  TMFJedi Number:  1285 of 312155

<< Will I get the card? Most likely not since I don't have a near term large purchase where I could
keep the money in the bank during the interest free 6 months. But I could use a Platinum card since
I don't have a Gold or Platinum card yet (probably the only one who doesn't). >>

No, you're not. I keep getting offers for various gold & platinum cards, and I keep tossing them in the good ol' circular file. I am, in all honesty, AVOIDING the golds and plats -- so many want annual fees, the perks aren't generally anything I have any serious interest in taking advantage of, or else I don't want to be too tempted to use the card just to get perks, and I don't want to have that high of a credit limit. So I will stick with my plain ol'Visa and my plain ol'AmEx Optima, thank you very much. Any further cards I get will either be a) the prepaid variety or b) offer some REALLY neat perks and be an out-&-out replacement for one of my current cards.

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