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Subject:  Re: Greetings, Fool! Date:  4/28/1998  8:31 PM
Author:  Bixbite Number:  5 of 25

The market looked real nice today until the purveyor of doom clinton came on and started speaking. I noticed a new indicator it is called the clinton speech, lately as he bables in his yokem arkansas twang the market declines. At the peak of his speech where he asks to answer any questions he made a major Freudian slip.
Gasp, It was either Wolf Blitzer or Sam Donaldson that asked clinton if he was going to fire Starr.
Clinton answered by saying "hire Starr?" then he started to laugh at his blunder which was a perfect freud slip and the dow dropped almost 50 points.
Hey everytime clinton makes a speech maybe I'll short the dow futures market for 15 minutes. Looks like a postive negative so how come nobody asked him if he fired monica?
JB Hunt closed up 9/16 today guess the good ol boys
like the big rigs. Maybe it is time to buy more or maybe I'll take my money to another casino.
The stock market is the biggest casino I ever seen.
Bigger than any gamimg and shucks I keep making moolah on the likes of JBHT and other stocks that make a few pennies and trade for many dollars.
Man, people are stupid to buy the stocks of companies and run up their market caps into the $billions on the promise that the future will bring them all a pot of gold.
But I like to make money and greed is good so I stay invested in the waste pits of the silly market of stocks. Heck this year is my BEST year ever.
They should have asked the gorilla to throw a dart and pick the winner for '98. I am sure the publicity would have made a top winner!
But the gorilla was too smart for the humans, she unplugged the phone line. Even a gorilla knows how to say screw you.
Well best of luck as all fools are shareholders.
I remain a stump broke boll weevil holding JB Hunt.
Bye you'all
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