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Subject:  Re: How much is too much? Date:  5/11/1998  11:24 AM
Author:  Bottles Number:  1479 of 312185

<<My philosophy is, use and abuse credit card companies as they are ever eager to do unto you! :-)>>

That they are!!!! Great philosophy and if more ppl did that then those companies would be out of Business!! Wouldnt that be nice :)

Getting to your question..
How much debt is to much....

I believe it is all related to your Gross monthly income or Gross income. So its hard to say specifically in your case, Also I dont know the rules and you might want to talk with a loan officer at a bank or call a mortgage lender and start asking some questions.

Depending on your income $4K of available credit to me seems rather low. my wife and I bought a house a year ago and going through the mortgage process is hell and a learning exp. To give you an idea we had atleast 30-40K of available Credit which at the time atleast half that was used.. The actual credit limit we had was not a issue in getting the house at all. I dont know if that will help at all or not..

My understanding is that it is a factor in getting a mortgage since the loan officer wanted in writing an explaination of any recent inquiries into our credit records. I asked the loan officer about that and her response was we want to make sure that your credit report is complete with all exsisting and potential credit/loan accounts. They didnt want you to apply for the mortgage and simutaneous;ly apply for say a 20K line of credit or sumthing like that.

Good Luck and hope this helps


Good luck
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