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Subject:  Re: Surcharge for Using Credit Card?? Date:  5/14/1998  11:09 AM
Author:  PSUEngineerFool Number:  1569 of 312185

I said:

<< My advice is to insist on the cash price when using a CC and take your business elsewhere if they don't give it to you.>>

KoshN replies:

<And exactly why do you think you deserve the lower price when you are not doing what it takes to save the merchant money? Having a cash discount or separate cash & charge prices reflects a difference in cost that the company is trying to pass along; a different matter entirely than a surcharge, where the company is dvertising a price with no intention of actually making that price available to a portion of their customers.>

I see no difference in a surcharge and separate cash and credit prices. In both cases, a company is trying to pass the cost of credit to the customers. What I think companies with separate cash and credit companies are doing is violating the spirit of its agreement with Visa and Mastercard to not establish different prices dependent on payment method. Taking CC payments is the cost to companies of doing business into order to create more business by allowing customers a convenient method of payment.

Why do I deserve the lower price? Because I am the customer and unless the business is a monopoly I can take my business elsewhere. A sale at lower profit is better than no sale.
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