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Subject:  Re: Surcharge for Using Credit Card?? Date:  5/14/1998  4:11 PM
Author:  PSUEngineerFool Number:  1579 of 312188

KoshN replies:
<< A good reason why a merchant may want to give you the lower price (at the expense of those paying with cash). Not a reason why you deserve it.>>

Deserve was a poor choice of words. If you look at my original response, I said "insist". I used "deserve" in my second post based on your reply. My mistake.

I stand by my original advice (which is only an opinion). Take your business elsewhere if your can't get the cash price with a credit card.

You may ask why I am insistant. Because the cash and credit prices are more common among mail order companies. These companies know that the majority of their customers prefer to use credit cards. Yes, customers do it for convenience, but more importantly, they do it to protect against fraud, mistakes, or poor quality products. It is much easier to fight a company with your CC company behind you. Use your credit card is the number one golden rule for direct buying published in the Computer Shopper. You can look it up at
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