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Subject:  Re: Crazy Machine - Part II Date:  6/9/1998  2:20 PM
Author:  cable666 Number:  2193 of 309667

>>One that stand out to me is that your a computer programmer making about $65K a year if I
remember right. Have you ever considered adjusting your income in all this? By that I mean perhaps
looking for a new job with an nice be signing bonus that is typical in your field. Perhaps even going
as a job shopper/contractor (little or no benefits) but you income goes from the $32.50/hr (est)
your at now possibly as high as 45-50/hr or more as a contractor. >>

Actually, I have my own business I started two years ago contracting. I write specialized software and internet system for the sports industry. That is my second job. My day job is a mainframe VM/VSE systems programmer. Between both, I work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My second job's income is seasonal. I make most of my profit in the second and third quarters the year. I've considered part time contracting during the off season, but there aren't many mainframe shops on the central Calif. coast. I would have to commute over 200 miles a day to LA. Besides, my first job is keeping me far too busy to even consider taking on more.

I've considered going independant, but as you can tell, I have no liquid cash reserve