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Subject:  Re: Crazy Machine - Part II Date:  6/9/1998  3:09 PM
Author:  cable666 Number:  2196 of 312187

I would like to apoligize to all those who read I was just trying to affirm my plan to weasel out of my debts. I was not in a good mood when I first started the thread.

I consulted my attorney last Decemember. He wanted to file chapter 7 right away. That was over 6 months ago. If I really wanted to be a scum bag, I would have done it then. I don't want to and I think that I can still recover.

I had written letters to all 3 CC's in early January telling them exactly what I was doing and why. I told them that I will resume payments by the 3rd quarter of 1998 and would appreciate any help they can provide to restructure the debt.

The day I started the thread I had just gotten off of the phone with one of their collectors. The phone call consisted of nothing but a 30 minutes of obsenities and threats being screamed at me by a very, very hyper and angry agent. He said they would never work with me and that their attorney's would screw me over six ways from sundown.

I haven't lied to them or tried to mislead them. I told them that I don't have the money right now. I'm working as hard as I can to rectify the situation, and I would like some help. I also told them that I was consulting an attorney and any negotions would need to be reviewed by him. Thus, I will not negotiate terms over the phone without my attorney in on the call. They refuse to allow him in on the negotiations which pretty much leads me to believe I need him in on the negotiations.

Needless to say, I was not feeling real happy with their tactics that day. I felt that if they were going to mow me down, I need to protect myself.

Do those aggresive phone tactics really work? It would seem to me that they backfire and drive the debtors into the arms of the BK court. It almost did it to me.

I've gotten other similar phone calls. Lately they have been waving small concessions in front of me. I haven't been able to take any of them yet because they all demand full payment of the debt within 3 days. I can't move that fast.

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