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Subject:  Re: Crazy Machine - Part II Date:  6/9/1998  4:10 PM
Author:  cable666 Number:  2203 of 312189

>>Regardless of the situation, you do not have to put up with "30 minutes of obsenities and threats". It
sounds as though you are in touch with a collection agent. You need to talk to the companies themselves. <<

Actually they refuse to tell me who they work for. They say they are collectors working for bank so-and-so. I guess that they figure they can push the limits of the law. After all, it will be my word against theirs, and I'm a scumbag deadbeat.

They actually don't let me speak. When I try to explain that I've written letters explaining my situation, they cut me off, claim they didn't get my letters (they do them "Oh... that letter"), and that I must agree to pay them "x" amount by Friday before they will hang up. I don't want to lie, so I tell them I can't pay "x" amount on Friday. I also mention that I must have my attorney present for any questioning, which is when they launch into their screaming tyraids. At this point, I just hang up on them. I feel like I'm trying to negotiate with a 4 year old kid.

I anticipate some dirty tricks on their part, such as issuing garnisments, leans, etc. without due process. That is why I have an attorney.

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