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Subject:  Re: 401k.....What Funds To Choose Date:  7/29/1998  10:30 AM
Author:  gilvid Number:  4745 of 87979

I am asking for some advice on what to do about my 401k plan. Starting next month my company
is offering me 7 more funds to choose from. I currently have 3 funds (stable value fund, index equity
fund, and company stock). The seven new funds consist of an intermediate and long-term bond
fund, a securities fund, and 4 mutual funds. I would like help on which funds are best and what
percentage of each should I choose. I plan on working for about 23 more years. I would be very
grateful for any help i can get. Thanks for reading about my delema.

Maybe I can help here. Ray and Pixy gave you excellant advice (as usual) on your company stock. (Having too many eggs in one basket is not good) Diversification is going to be important for you here.
You need to do some research on the 4 funds. Some sites to use are
Remember you want funds that equaled or beat the index funds for the past 3 yrs. That means 30% or better. If you can't get that or close to it then why not stick with the index fund? But then we're back to how many eggs in one basket question again.
Go slow and make the best decision. Say that from personal experience. Just rolled over my 401 into a self directed IRA and the funds I did a through research job on are doing well the ones I rushed on are only so so.
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