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Subject:  Re: Roth Contributions Date:  10/1/1998  12:24 PM
Author:  DownwardSpiral Number:  5765 of 78166

See below for exerpts from the thread.

If you look back on the threads on htis board, Pixy has recently confirmed that the conversion to a Roth can be "unconverted"; in fact, even more than once.

If your IRA custodian (in this case Fidelity) will not bend to the new rules, how about this:

1) "Unconvert" your Roth at Fidelity
2) Transfer your IRA to a new custodian that will allow contributions to the conversion Roth
3) Re-convert at the new custodian
4) Make your contributions

In the future, if Fidelity comes around to the new rules, you could then transfer your Roth back to them, if this is your preferred custodian.