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Subject:  Re: Roth Cash In? Date:  12/8/1998  10:00 AM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  6885 of 127513

[[scrowden said:
But the company that the fund is with says I have to pay a 10% penalty if I take it out before
5 years.

If you cash the Roth in, you pay the 10% penalty. BUT, what they are not telling you is that you
can have it transferred directly to ANOTHER mutual fund, even at a different mutual fund family,
and not have to pay the 10% penalty. That will get you out of the bad investment.]]

As pointed out, you can certain make a "transfer" of your Roth IRA from your current mutual fund to another family of funds without penalty. Or you could even make the transfer to a broker and invest in securities...all without penalties if done correctly.

Remember that you still have the same "rollover" rules for your Roth IRA that are available for a regular IRA. If you are not happy with your broker or investment, you can move the funds (under the rollover provisions) to another investment or broker without the 10% penalty. This is usually best done via a "trustee to trustee" transfer...which avoide the "once a year" rollover rules completely.

The only time the 10% penalty comes into play is when you take a distribution...and keep the funds.

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