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Subject:  Re: Roll 401k to IRA or to another 401k Date:  12/30/1998  9:04 PM
Author:  ilmostro Number:  7781 of 127753

[[ I had a 401k plan with my previous employer which has about $10k in it. I have
just become qualified to start participating in the 401k equivalent plan with my
current employer. Now I need to decide among the following courses of action:

1) Roll over 100% of the previous 401k to my current employer's 401k
2) Roll over 100% of the previous 401k to an IRA
3) Leave it with the previous employer]]<<<<

Then Pixie replied (to option #3)

Check with your previous employer 401k administrator. But in my humble opinion, this would be
the WORST of all possible decisions. If you want to keep your 401k alive, you might as well
transfer it to your new employer if nothing else. <<
And I offer this opinion, Why not roll your 401k from your previous employer to a "conduit ira" and don't co-mingle any other money with it thereby leaving the option to roll to the new employer's plan a possibility in the future if you chose to do so. This way offers the most flexibility, IMHO. Even if you like the choices inside the new employers plan chances are you can get the same mutual fund with the ira. Bryan

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