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Subject:  Re: tax question Date:  1/13/1999  7:19 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  8349 of 123001

[[Hello, this is Yong.]]

Hello, Yong...

[[I have a question to ask. My wife and I have a joint stock
account in an online trading firm. We are thinking about open another account in
the same firm, but under my wife's name. We ant to transfer all stocks from the
joint account to the single account. Is there any tax (federal or state)
consequences by doing so?]]

No..not really. What is the point?? Why do you want your wife to have such an account. The holding and title of accounts deal with state law issues. So what rights and/or obligations you'll be saving or losing will be based upon the state law for the state that you reside.

But without knowing WHY you want to do this, it's impossible for me to give you any general federal tax advice or tips.

It if has to do with the "married-separate" filing status, you might want to read my post on that issue in the Taxes FAQ area. Check it out.

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