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Subject:  Re: Stock buyout Date:  2/5/1999  11:32 AM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  9539 of 123001

[[I tried to see if there was any information on stock buyouts in the FAQ but I
couldn't find any so I will ask my question.]]

Thanks for lookin', Rusty. Not much there because the issues are very complex, and generally apply specifically to each different buyout, etc. So let's see what you are askin...

[[ In January of 1998 I bought 300 shares of GNT at $25 per share. GNT was
bought out by CNC in July and the shares were converted to 274 shares of
CNC (I can't remember the exact share price). However, there was $47.38 left
over which was placed as cash in my account.