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Subject:  Compaq Warrenty Part 2 Date:  2/25/1999  8:03 PM
Author:  dawnc Number:  1918 of 87423

The tech to fix my computer was suppose to call me either Monday or Tuesday to set up a Wednesday appt time. Needless to say, he called me Wednesday AM wanting to come over right then. I was on my way out the door so I told him the was completely unaccecptable. We agreed that he would come between 2:30 and 4:00.

3:45 I get a call from his dispatcher. He is stuck on another call and will have to come Thursday AM. OK, fine, I can deal with this.

This morning, tech shows up. I show him what it is doing and he agrees that it looks like there might be a problem with the motherboard. Then he proceeds to tell me that he still has to replace the hard disk!!! They must replace the hard disk before they will do anything else. It's either replace the hard disk or they will consider the matter closed.

I told him, go ahead and replace it, but I will be sending a nasty letter to Compaq regarding their policy. He replaces the hard disk and then proceeds to install WinNT. I told both the 800 tech and the tech that came to the house that I have converted my system to Win95. This is something that I am legally entitled to do according to the documentation that came with the computer. I told him that I wanted Win95 installed since that is the format I was running.

He stood there and watched the installation. During the installation, you see a couple of files that are Win95 files. He points to that and says "See, I'm installing Win95". I honestly do not believe that the tech had ever installed WinNT before. It was almost scary. I completed the installation myself with him looking over my shoulder. I told him that he was not allowed to leave my house until I could shut off the computer, turn it back on, and not get the disk controller error. When installation was complete, I showed him that it was WinNT, not Win95. His response was "Well, it's working now." He refused to install Win95. (At that point, I really didn't want him installing anything.)

Now I have to completely reinstall Win95, all my programs and backup data befor the computer is going to be much use to me. I'm using the family computer (we're a multi-computer household) which is a pain for me and the family. To make matters worse, the likelyhood of going through this song and dance is high. After all, even the tech said that it is probably a problem with the motherboard. I know this sounds bad, but I'm really hoping that it fails again before I get everything loaded. Then I can really rip into them since they admitted that the problem probably wasn't the hard drive, but they replaced it anyway.

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