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Subject:  SW/HAS The Second Coming of... Date:  3/25/1999  1:14 AM
Author:  avantis Number:  116 of 1232

Hey, guys, I've been reading your threads about HAS and Star Wars, and I think you're not seeing what's coming. Everybody's talking about the 'net, but what about CONTENT. Star Wars is CONTENT.

In my humble opinion, this will be the most widely anticipated sequel in years, and it's going to resemble the second coming of Christ. People have been talking about this film for years. This is THE big movie of the summer, period. (Except for, maybe, Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, an unknown quantity) The crowds are going to be absolutely horrendous, and 24 hour theater operations are contemplated, at least in the first weekend. That means kids are going to be going to see this film at 2am, 7am, whenever they can get in. I think it's a virtual certainty that it's going to be the biggest opening weekend in history. In the multiplex in my community, it's going to be playing in three theaters. The hype surrounding this event is going to be unbelievable. And as for the quality of the film itself, how can George Lucas blow it? He cannot. His reputation is on the line more than ever before.

Lucas's Industrial LIght and Magic, his special effects firm, is the force behind the last two decades of special effects magic in the heaviest duty features, from Jurassic Park to Terminator 2. This firm is responsible for the lion's share of visual effects research. George Lucas doesn't make films very often anymore, but I've gotta believe he's going to turn on the juice for this one.

On top of everything else, the Yugoslavian War is relevant to the Star Wars sequels, all the recent talk in the news about anti-missile defense systems, seems to me to create a background that the promoters of this film might seek to tie into in some way. Who knows? When summer comes, people might be looking for heroes.

OK, these are my hyper thoughts. I've gotta get into HAS. I cannot pass up this opportunity. It might do nothing. But it sure ain't gonna go down. Sorry for all the hyperbole.

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