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Subject:  Re: Web TurboTax experience Date:  3/25/1999  2:55 PM
Author:  Contains Number:  12871 of 127549

Has anyone really considered that when it comes to the IRS, it may not be very deisrable to give them immediate online access to your tax return information in a manner where all relevant date and supporting schedules are immediately accessable to government bureaucrats with an insatiable desire to meddle and confiscate (ie further tax)your assets?

Just consider that some G12 IRS denzien decides that there is a correlation justifying the diversion of scarce audit resources. Suddenly they want to isolate all medical (or pest exterminators for that matter) professionals with home office writeoffs who they now believe are also more prone to exaggerating other associated business entertainment expenses.

Why do you want to supply your tax return data in a manner that makes further isolation of such correlated factors that much more likely to subject you to an audit? If you send it on paper they have to keypunch it into their data base after a substantial delay (and with their current computer conversion that may mean they never find your records)and they may never find you early enough to include you with the other 6,789 sheep that need further sheering.

Resist oppression and taxation. Don't cooperate by submitting this data in a manner that makes you that much more subject to easy and "random" audits.

I personally paid just over $750,000.00 in combined state and federal taxes this year and if you think I'm going to make it any easier on these bastards to extract anymore of the Danegeld than necessary you are either crazy or masochistic.
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