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Subject:  Re: Dumping the '4-year spread' ? Date:  4/11/1999  2:31 PM
Author:  mkraft Number:  9862 of 78166

<<< The recharacterization must be complete by your filing due date with extensions. That's definitely a deadline. >>>

By 'deadline' I was referring to the custodian deadlines you had referred to -- i.e., that I had not read or otherwise heard of any.

Anyway, I can't see why such deadlines would be imposed (other than perhaps requiring them to be requested before April 15 itself). Though I don't know what recharacterization involves, unless you're trying to split up individual securities (between trad. IRA and ROTH) it would seem to me to be little more than a journal transfer (by the brokerages, etc.). After all, the custodians aren't the ones who have to recompute anything -- I am.

In any event, since a filing extension also extends the recharacterization deadline, that should solve the problem if I do end up getting any flak from the brokerage.