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Subject:  Re: mutual funds supermarkets Date:  4/23/1999  6:59 PM
Author:  CheeseBurger Number:  15040 of 127753


I'd say forget about the disadvantage of the system of 'supermarkets' & concern yourself with the many disadvantages of mutual funds themselves.
I'm by far not the most experienced or educated (new)Fool out there but from what I've learned here, it's definitely worth the time to explore other possibilities like index funds (such as the S&P's,) & other individual stock strategies & whatever else more experienced Fools might suggest.

(Sorry, I just could not resist this due to the ton of stuff I've learned from Fools here these past few months after blindly being led to believe quite some years ago that the MF's I've had for years were the only type of investment vehicle available to anyone -'period'-.
In other words, if I seem negative & biased against them it's not only because they're not the most efficient investment vehicles, but also because the 'person' who some years ago exposed me to the world of investing never fully educated me -the ignorant uneducated mushroom that I was- on ALL types of investing options that existed, such as index funds, individual stocks, etc.) I wonder whose best interest was really at heart there.

Remember, 'ignorant' isn't a bad word. It just simply means not being educated & making decisions without all the facts.

I apologize if I came across in an impolite manner.
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