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Subject:  Value of Charitable Gift of Stock Date:  7/13/1999  7:09 PM
Author:  DowDanny Number:  17263 of 123001

Howdy Tax-perts...

Y'all may point me to the relevent FAQ, but if you please, could you also give me the direct answer on this specific question ?

How do I determine the 'value' of charitable donation given in the form of stock shares ?

I mean this to be a completely narrow and technical question:

- Do I value the stock by closing price on the day I write the letter/give instructions to my brokerage to effect the transfer ?

- Or do I use the value on the day the shares physically disappear from my account ?

- Or should I use (and find out) the value of the shares the day they magically appear in my charitable organization's account ? Or the day they sell it ?

- And assuming I can determine which DAY to use to evaluate the value, do I have to use opening / closing/ average price per share on that day ?

- Or am I being silly, and am allowed a bit of fudge factor-ness in determining the price as somewhere in