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Subject:  Re: Child Tax Credit Date:  7/14/1999  2:12 PM
Author:  edcosoft Number:  17307 of 127617

I'm sorry, Bob, if I said something wrong or offensive. I was trying to clarify the poster's frustration of having credits he couldn't use and your post seem to infer he could possibly use them.
I'm sure you are aware the Child Tax Credit worksheet is used in
calculating the amount of the "Additional" Child Tax Credit.

Yes I do, however, I got the impression from your post that you thought the Child Tax Credit would "refund", and they are two different Credits, figured on different worksheets.

I prefer to
keep my replies simple and help by pointing the author in the right
direction rather than confusing them with technical tax terms and the boring
details of the US tax code.

He might be confused in thinking the Child Tax Credit COULD refund him money.

Also, giving specific tax advice online without
all the details would be irresponsible.

It happens all the time on these forums, usually because the poster didn't know enough about the subject to provide the necessary information, or ask the correct question. A considerable amount of extrapolation is often necessary. Was there something wrong with my advice? I find if I make a mistake, several of you are available to set things straight.
However, I'd be happy to discuss
any tax issues with you in detail in the appropriate forum for this at the
misc.taxes and us.taxes newsgroups.

Wern't we supposed to get into detail on this forum? The forums you refer to seem to be for tax protestors, not meaningful discussions, and are not TMF forums.
Oh and by the way its called the
Self-employment tax not Self Employed Social Security. :)


In the interest of clarity I refer to it as SESS because that is what it is and it avoids confusion to the person first coming into contact with it. Since you mention it, I'll post a good question for you on the us.taxes newsgroups, title 4972s. I just got another non-answer from the IRS. Enjoy. ;>) Ed
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