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Subject:  Re: Simple IRA initial investment question Date:  7/15/1999  10:03 AM
Author:  James51 Number:  12197 of 88027

Jenn asks:

<<Clear as MUD, eh?>>

When is legaleze ever clear to the masses? :-)

Actually, it's rather straight-forward to me. The document says that in the first
two years of participation in the plan you may not transfer money in the SIMPLE
to anything else except another SIMPLE. After two years has run, then you are
free to transfer the proceeds to any IRA of your choice. Do so before the two
years are up, and the transfer will be disallowed, you will be taxed on the entire
amount, and you will be assessed an additional 25% excise tax as a penalty.


This is an interesting thread. I will soon be participating in my employer spondored 401K plan. I have searched through "The Foolish Retirement Plan Primer" and , as far as I can tell, it's a 401K, not a "SIMPLE-IRA". The funds offered are not very index funds at all. Trying to be Foolish, is there any way I can roll this money over to a new fund that offers a Foolish index fund (Vanguard) without penalty?

To follow another point raised here. I am in the middle of the "privitization" of a State Hospital. The new "owners" are offering the 401K plan, but the funds offered are , as I said, less than impressive. Why wouldn't they offer more Foolish funds, such as Vanguard? We want to know.....where's the money going here? Do the Mutual Fund companies offer employers a cut or are the employees paying the expenses for funds that do not perform well?

Thanks! James
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