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Subject:  Re: Retirement Date:  8/2/1999  10:51 AM
Author:  WilliamLipp Number:  12698 of 88498

chmiller10 Date: 8/2/99 9:37 AM Number: 12694
I am a newly retired teacher with 60K that I must rollover from my pension fund into an IRA. I have a broker at Prudential who was recommended to me by my mother and he has done very well by her.

This broker will probably be charging you much more than $10 commission per trade. The first question is whether you need such a broker - it doesn't sound like it below. You can find information about selecting a discount broker on the Discount Brokers board and their FAQ.

The second question is the standard used to measure "has done very well by her." The Foolish standard would be to compare the performance of her portfolio to the S&P500 with dividend reinvestments. The reasoning is that index investing is a no-effort approach that can be managed for extremely tiny fees, so anybody making money from your investments should be adding value above this "dumb-as-a-stump" approach." Take a 3-5 year period for the test, and take all money at the beginning of the period and invest in S&P500. Add and subtract cash the same as she did, buying and selling S&P500. It's simplest to ignore dividend reinvestment for the first approximation, and just use the S&P500 index (which does not reinvest dividends).

I am looking to do the Fool 22345
While this is still a respectable Dow Dividend Approach, the Fools have found some they like even better. They've changed the Dow Dividend Approach that is the Official Foolish Four twice since this one. Check out the Foolish Four Portfolio Report and the informational links from their to learn more about this.

I am new to this game and would appreciate some one's opinion on the above

You seem to have a careful, methodical, reasonable approach to this. I think you are going to be thrilled at the information you find around the Fool. If you haven't done so, you should consider a quick cruise through the Fool School's 13 steps to Foolishness from the Home Page - it sounds like you already know most of this but might find a few additional nuggets.
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