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Subject:  Re: My Computer Is Too Slow Date:  9/8/1999  11:57 AM
Author:  phooley Number:  1266 of 197759

... The computer has a Pentium processor (Pentium 1?), 16.0 MB RAM, and I checked the disk and it says it has/had 1.49GB of space with only 136 MB free. ...

My computer is probably similar to yours -- Pentium, 133mHz, originally 16MB RAM, 1.6GB hard drive, W95a.

I spent about $80 in 1998 to instal additional RAM to take it to 80 MB -- 64 MB would be fine.

If you were able to surf the web at acceptable speeds in the past, DO NOT upgrade to a new Netscape or Microsoft browser if you can avoid it, and try the following to get your machine back to its potential.

I have to keep my free HD space above 200MB or my browser really slows down. You should exit all applications and then check your \temp and \windows\temp directories for old stuff you can delete -- then empty your Recycle Bin. And check your browser's cache settings -- mine is 8192 kB. I think 4096 is the default, and this should be fine.

With all applications stopped -- no virus checker, etc., running -- and your screen saver turned off, do Start-Run scandisk. It may require some interaction in order to complete. I don't have it automatically correct errors, tell it to ignore "long directory names", and delete the fragments it reports.

After scandisk is complete, do Start-Run defrag. Run it even it says your hard drive is only "1%" fragmented. Then reboot and restore the screen saver.

Post back if any of this is confusing...

Hope this helps!
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