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Subject:  Re: My Computer Is Too Slow Date:  9/9/1999  2:06 PM
Author:  phooley Number:  1291 of 192377

I went to delete the temp files last night. I say two temp file that said just temp, another that was a temp internet file.

#1 - I assume I want to delete both, correct?

Not exactly... see below.

#2 - When I went to do so, I got a message that asked me if I wanted to do that as it would effect the program (Note - I had attempted to delete the entire folder instead of the contents).


Can I delete the folder in its entirety or do I need to delete each and every file within? There were quite a few. If I am to avoid deleting the folders and just "empty" the contents, how's a quick way to do that?

If you look at the dates, you should be able to figure out which ones are old enough to delete. As long as you're sure you have no other applications open, you should just be ab