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Subject:  Re: My Computer Is Too Slow Date:  9/9/1999  5:38 PM
Author:  DennisJohnson Number:  1298 of 197740

<< I own a 3-4 year old Compaq Presario 4704. It has become increasingly slow lately and I think I have done about all I can do from the standpoint of deleting files or programs that I do not use. I am a self-taught user and know just enough to be dangerous...bear with me, please.

The computer has a Pentium processor (Pentium 1?), 16.0 MB RAM, and I checked the disk and it says it has/had 1.49GB of space with only 136 MB free. I expect that to be the main source of my problems.

What avenues or courses of action might I pursue to increase ts speed? Whatever I do, I want it to be cost effective.>>

Your hard drive is too full. 1. Run the defrag program. To do this, go to find and type in defrag. Do a full defrag on hard drive. This might help a little. More RAM would help and is cheap. But to really solve your problem you need a larger hard drive. They are pretty cheap now. Hard Drives International is a good source, because they give you free tech support and a good set of instructions on how to install it yourself. Or you can save yourself a lot of #@!%^& and get your local dealer to install one for you. I would get at least a 4 GB or more so you have room to spare.

Good luck,


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