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Subject:  Re: My Computer Is Too Slow Date:  9/10/1999  12:38 AM
Author:  StockStalker Number:  1302 of 197859


First of all, I'm sure that 3-4 years ago you paid a handsome price for that Compaq. Bear in mind that if you're happy with your monitor and don't want to replace that, today you can go out and buy a new computer in the $500-1000 range that will absolutely run circles around the old Compaq in every respect. My personal recommendations based on quality and outstanding customer service would be Dell or Gateway.

Your 1.5 GB hard drive is tiny by current standards, where 4-6 GB is the norm for low-priced computers. Also, you didn't mention what operating system you're using, but I'd guess you're still working on the detested Windows 3.1 platform. Do yourself a BIG favor and upgrade to Windows 98, Version 2 (It took Microsoft a few years, but they finally got Windows right) -- but first you'll have to buy a new machine that won't choke on it, because it's a biggie. Also, with your old Compaq you're probably operating with 8 or 16 MB of RAM. This just isn't enough for today's applications, and you'll want a minimum of 64 MB of RAM.

HOWEVER -- If you can't afford a new computer, there are some interim fixes that can perhaps speed up your existing machine.

1. Delete EVERYTHING on the hard drive that you don't need or use on a regular basis.

2. If you haven't already done so, run Scandisk and Defrag to clean up your hard drive! These are VERY important utilities that a lot of computer users don't even know about. They are effective "preventive medicine" to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your hard drive.

3. If you intent to keep your computer for much longer, take it to a reputable and trusted local computer shop for a thorough cleaning and possibly replacement of the CPU cooling fan. This will cost about $50, but it's something I do with all my computers about every 1-2 years because computers with their cooling fans tend to "eat" everything in the room. In my case this includes dust, residue from cigarette smoke, and cat hair.

Hope this helps.


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