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Subject:  Re: HELP! DID I WAIT TO LONG? Date:  10/27/1999  8:57 AM
Author:  TRYSTERO Number:  14829 of 88828

I want to thank the comunity of Fool for their input, but I feel that I need to clarify a few points on the spend thrift issue. Two years ago we were living in a large northern city that we hated, I was in a job that
required 65 to 75 hours a week in a very high stress situation. I was on medication for depression and on the verge f burning out or going postal. An oportunity to move to a small town in the south and still practice my profession arose.jumped at the chance, even though it ment a 25% reduction in salary. Now I love my job and only have to work about 30 hours a week. The relocation, however,cost us just under 10k on plastic. After we were here a year, we bought a home, and some furnature (lived in apts for 22 years)
another 6k. After relocating we also found out that my wife would not be able to work in this state, (They dont recognise physician assistants or surgical assistants in MS)so that dug our hole a bit deeper.
Christmas came and having 4 kids and 12 grandkids out west the plastic got heavier about.5k. So here we are now, wife has gone back to work for her old group in IL on a locum tennens basis, she travels to another state for three weeks and is home one week. (It's like having a wife that works on an oil rig at sea.) but they pay her travel and room and board, and she makesthree times what she could make here at a lessor job. I've signed up for the max contribution in the hospital 403B here, which matches up to 4k(in an index fund). As soon as my other 403B is rolled over to Scott trade, about ten working days, and I can invest the funds, about 14k, I plan to put them into one of the Foolish stock plans(I'm confused about what happened in the DOW yesterday) Wife will be opening a 401k in January, with max contribution. And I'm still trying to pay 2X or 3X on the plastic. Now that is the whole picture as it stands today, but damn it Christmas is comming up and we still have all those rugrats in Arizona we haven't seen intwo years...Oh well no one said it would be easy.
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