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Subject:  "The time has come," the walrus said.. Date:  11/1/1999  9:14 PM
Author:  TRYSTERO Number:  15020 of 88051

The funds have finally been rolled over from
my old 403B to my IRA. I just checked my on
line brokerage account, and instead of a bunch
of 0's, the account ballence was $14,100 and
change. This is no longer an intellectual
exercise. I have to decide what to do with this
money to maximise my return. I've recently
finished reading YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU THINK,
and I'm half way through
Tomorrow I'm going to order the Rule
Maker/Breaker book. I'm about to embark on a
road I've never traveled, fiscal responsibility.
I find this concept a bit scarey, even though in
the past I thought nothing of going to a casino
and throwing away $1000 tax refund in the hopes
of hitting the big one. Now I realize what an
irresponsible idiot I've been over the thirty
years of my adult life and that it's time to take
the first step in a new direction. I'll
probably go with the Foolish Four, but the
shakeup in the DOW recently has me a bit
confused. A small voice says wait till the
Y2K smoke clears. Another voice says never
mind Y2k. Over the long haul it won't matter.
Still another voice says try a rule breaker
portfolio, you're old (51) and don't have 25
30 years to invest. (Perhaps If I increase the medication,
the voices will go away) But I
have to do something with this tax deferred
account so that I can go back to the business
of paying off the plastic debt. I want to be
able to provide my wife and myself a retirement
that doesn't include cat food as a staple in our diet. This is no longer theoretical and I don't
mind admitting that I'm more than a bit nervous.
I realize that It is ultumately UP TO ME, but
I sure wouldn't mind some Foolish council.
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