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Subject:  Re: alimony/spousal support Date:  11/11/1999  8:36 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  20988 of 127753

<<That's the one that drives tax preparers nuts. When a divorce decree just lumps it all together and calls it "family support" the facts become unclear. How much is for the spouse (deductible to the payer, income to the receipient) and how much is child support (not deductible to the payer, not income to the receipient)? You've got to look at the rest of the decree, and make some interpretations. The ex spouses' interpretations will likely (always?) differ. Our big Uncle could have yet another opinion. Now you've got a question of fact to take to another court!>>

Right you are. I wrote an article on the importance of the divorce decree about three weeks ago. The broader the documents, the more likely the chance you'll get screwd. And you could be the screwer or the screwee.

Anybody with any interest in this area of taxation should read my article in the Taxes FAQ area...showing how a poorly drafted divorce decree caused the ex-wife to pay a BUNCH more in taxes.

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