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Subject:  Re: Retiree Seeks Foolish Investment Info Date:  11/12/1999  5:23 PM
Author:  rjm1 Number:  15333 of 87981

OK, I'm not really the retiree, it's my mom. We've been working on reallocation of her
IRA portfolio, from which she's been taking distributions for several years.

I'm a practicing long-term, buy-&-hold investor, but it strikes me that my mom's need
to have access to these funds is much more immediate than my own. I told her that she
needs to be more invested in stocks than she is today, but the spectre of a prolonged
stock market slump as she approaches her 80's has me spooked. I find myself
second-guessing my own advice.

I've been trying to get beyond the rote allocations and one-size-fits-all advice one gets
from the calculators that are commonplace on the Web & investment company
retirement info packets. I'm looking for something more insightful. As usual, my first
instinct is to scour the Fool for insight & common sense, perhaps a nice essay or two.
I'm having a hard time finding such. And, much as I've enjoyed scanning this board, I
can't really see myself having the patience to click back through all the postings here,
most of which are not on point with my burning question, just to find a couple of pearls.

Anybody know where I can find what I need, preferably without having to leave the
comfort of my own computer (though a library visit isn't out of the question)?

Thanks in advance.

You have probably found all that your are going to find. Now you have to apply it to your situation.

One factor would be if your mothers plan failed how much help could you be. The more help you can provide the more you can invest in equities as apposed to bonds.
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