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Subject:  SpeleoFool's Rules - Tax Math 101 Date:  11/16/1999  1:11 PM
Author:  SpeleoFool Number:  19889 of 310732

Hi Fools,

If you're new to the SpeleoFool's Rules series, check out my Introduction 
(post #18962) or Previous Rules (below).

Well, it's not April 15th, but it is tax time.  At least for my Rules series.  
I hope this doesn't come as too much of a disappointment, but my discussion 
of taxes is largely going to be a "punt."  While I could talk all day about 
different tax rules and strategies, it's far too complicated a topic.  Plus 
it has its own board.  More importantly, I'm not an expert by any means.  
Please visit the Tax Strategies board or the IRS webpage at 
( for specific tax information.

What I will cover in this post is how to do the math for taxes, once you know 
what you're up against.

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Simple Deductions
One of the most common impacts of tax on finances is the dedu