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Subject:  Re: Defining SB Date:  11/16/1999  2:33 PM
Author:  krygeris Number:  1472 of 1656

Hi, Ganado.

The point on Nike, from you and Frecs, is well taken. No, I don't think abusing a work force is sustainable, and even if it were, it's not right. I tend to be overly focused on the environmental.

So before we talk about "sustainable business", let's talk about what we mean by sustainable.

Electricity is not unsustainable in itself, but the ways we usually produce it are. Solar cells, windmills, and water turbines all sustainably collect the constant input of energy from the sun; our use of fossil fuels instead burns up a legacy of millions of years of solar collection by plants. All of our ecosystems ride the free energy of the sun, and our economies should, too.

The other categories to be aware of are sources and sinks. (I take this terminology from Beyond the Limits by Donella and Dennis Meadows and Jorgen Randers.) Sources are those supplies we pull from our environment, sinks are those aspects of our environment that we use up through dumping (for example, our atmo