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Subject:  Re: Fraud? Date:  11/17/1999  11:35 AM
Author:  AntiTrader Number:  19989 of 312188


Thanks. I have asked to just credit my card for that amount, and I hope they will.

Just for clarification for anyone else that answers; It did say gratuity include for parties larger than 6. I did expect the automatic gratuity, and have no problem with the amount (it was only 15%). However, I paid $8 in cash rather than put it on the card (for a number of reasons), that is why I scratched it off the bill. I actually gave him more money for a tip than the bill required. In hind sight I should have written something on the receipt that said "Tip paid in cash".

The real concern that have is that they changed my signed receipt. The one that says "I authorize such and such to take this money off my card". That, to me, is like going to the Gap and paying $50 for some jeans, then after I leave the clerk realizing, "oh these weren't on mistake, I will just change it to the original price of $60". Is that illegal? It seems like an unauthorized charge.

This is of interest to me for future reference. It seems alot of people get screwed in various ways, and I am just building up a library in my head to protect myself.

Thanks again Johnmoni {I AM PAYING ALL OF MY BILLS ON TIME AND IN FULL!!! :o) }

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