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Subject:  Re: Fraud? Date:  11/17/1999  8:31 PM
Author:  AntiTrader Number:  20061 of 309666

Hi all;

thanks for all the great imput. That is why I like posting to this board.

Some final thoughts on this, if you don't mind. As Jafo said:
>>I agree (assuming the accuracy of the balance of the post, which I do believe; no offense intended to the original poster, but we have heard only one side of the description of events), and I have suggested as much. <<

I am terribly offended!!! Just kidding. I have only given my account of the situation. I am sure that if I am in their shoes, and they get a $300 wad of cash and two credit receipts (9 people paid with cash and two with cards), and it appeard that one had left off the tip on his card, I would have though, "What a jerk!". One of things brought up in this thread, that I hadn't thought about, is that they could have pre-charged the amount then verified it at the end of the day without double checking the signed reciept, which I doubt. If I had left additional tip, I am sure that it would have been included. The only thing that really bothered me was that they changed the amount on the signed receipt without my approval.

Either way, moral of the story: if you use two forms of payment for any bill, let them know that it is your intention so that any mis-communication is avoided.