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Subject:  Re: Fraud? Date:  11/18/1999  12:51 PM
Author:  5walker Number:  20110 of 312155

I am sure that if I am in their shoes, and they get a $300 wad of cash and two credit receipts (9 people paid with cash and two with cards), and it appeard that one had left off the tip on his card, I would have though, "What a jerk!".

From the above, my suspicion is that the story may not be too complicated after all.
Sounds like the 9 who paid with cash left it all including the tip on the table. The two who paid by cc probably left the 15% tip charge on their card. You were the only one to pay the bill on the card and leave out cash for the tip.

I suspect one of the servers took the cash you left on the table, and may not have told the other server (till later, if at all) about your $8.
Your server who didn't see the cash thought you were stiffing him by taking the tip off the card, so he put it back on the receipt. Maybe later he realized he got 2 tips from you, maybe not.

I also suspect if you get grief, it will be along the lines of "you lost $8 cash", not "you were overbilled/defrauded on your cc charge"
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