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Subject:  Re: How do I effectively use a Roth IRA Date:  12/14/1999  9:31 AM
Author:  Isiszion Number:  21793 of 312185

Great info John its appreciated. Well in answer to my risk tolerance hers my situation. Im 25 out of debt except for a school loan at 7.5%(balance right now 13,000). Im not too worried about risk.. I figure the "wise" out there keep saying that 30 is not a bad age to start investing(given the #'s I keep seeing at 11%). Well Ill be 26 in I figure take all the risks I can now cause after all if it goes to hell in the next 15 yrs(I doubt still be young enough to recover and try another strategy. If anything I see my Roth funds probably going to a house purchase, but I doubt that highly because I am a avid student of Real Estate one of passions really, and there are solid ways to get into your first home without all the mind boggling hassles the Banks would have you believe is necessary. So to sum it up risk..bring it on. Of course I dont need any fly by night schemes
So now give me your take on my situation as it stands now. How do I now best take advantage of my youth.

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