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Subject:  Re: WTO Date:  12/14/1999  2:46 PM
Author:  Frecs Number:  1506 of 1656

<<So, again, who do I feel more sorry for; the Starbucks employees who are having their belief system challenged, or two thirds
world people whose land is being ruined and kids are being poisoned. It's a no brainer.

My point is this - If the media and the people saved half the time and energy they are expending lamenting the "violent" protest
and used that the educate themselves and think about what is going on and why, the world would be far better off.

What we can do: When you go to Starbucks, ask for shade grown coffee. If you work there, ask about how their coffee is
produced. Do some independent research. Demand change.

Hans >>

First, it wasn't the Starbucks' employees' belief systems that were challenged, just their ability to make a living.

Charity begins at home. Before those protesters start destroying property, perhaps they should clean up around their back door. I bet ya a buck that they wear Nike shoes, have computers and pagers and cell phones, and drink Starbucks coffee, espresso, drive cars, wear clothes made in third-world countries, and otherwise participate in our consumer economy (which is mostly supported on the backs and sweat of those people they proport to sympathize with). Where do they think those things come from? How do they think the costs are kept down?
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