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Subject:  How long will it last? [2] Date:  1/2/2000  9:34 PM
Author:  Gelfson Number:  17239 of 88063

I wasn't sure where to post this question so ASK a Foolish and here got chosen.

Thanks in advance!

Last year I purchased an equity that has so far returned 171% average for two years in a row. I only got one year of it, however. So on a $1000.00 investment I have more than DOUBLED the investment in one year. According to a program I just finished running, by the time I turn 59 1/2, the equity will be worth more than $76,000,000.00[seventy-six million dollars.]

I don't want to sound like a BEAR but if this BULL keeps charging around, I'll have over One Trillion dollars by age 66.[the earliest I can retire by current "wisdom"] All this on a one thousand dollar investment.

The basics are:
Initial Investment - $1000.00
Interest - 171% average so far
Years to retirement - 14

Now either my program is wrong [done many times before and it was correct], or it is right and that is my quandry.

Opinions as to the veracity of this is more than welcome. I hope it is correct.

I'm wishin' and a hopin' a happy new year to all.

P.S. It is in an internet equity
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