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Subject:  Re: Card Debt vs. Investment - CounterArgument Date:  1/4/2000  7:03 PM
Author:  Mei2 Number:  23117 of 312185

I'm not being entirely serious here - just making the point that if you live your life
based on the realistic expectation that horrendous disaster might strike at any given moment and that you must be prepared for
it no matter what it is, no matter when, then, boy are your life options limited.

D. Advocate:

I disagree with your statement above, although my not-thoroughly-thought-out argument will seem to cut both ways.

If you think you have lots of time to live (and that disaster most likely will NOT fall upon you), you will live as if tomorrow is always there, and you will actually play it safe.

If you realize that you can die at any moment, that's when you treasure each moment and actually live from moment to moment, without taking for granted that you will wake up tomorrow.

Okay, so how is this relevant to your posting re: "CC debt vs. investment"? I'm not sure, but I disagree that the person who understands "that disaster may strike at any given moment" is living a life with limited options. Such a person is actually living life fully.

Just my two cents.

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