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Subject:  Tips on getting a better deal at hotels. Date:  1/6/2000  1:20 AM
Author:  f1r3br4nd Number:  7968 of 87477

(at least, at the hotel where I moonlight)

1. Pay with a credit card. Fools don't like credit cards? Fair enough-- get a Visa check-card. We'll never say this officially, but we don't trust cash guests any further than we can throw them.

2. Make a reservation first-- many hotels offer AAA, AARP, Military, etc. discounts. If you happen to have forgotten to join one of these organization, it's harder to check over the phone and chances are the clerk won't bother asking for your member card number or whatever. Then, when you show up, the clerk on duty will just dutifully hit "ok" on whatever shows up on her computer screen (again without checking it) and swipe your card through. Voila, instant ~$10 discount.

3. We don't mind helping people, and we are usually cheerful. Make no mistake, though-- we're even happier when you don't bug us. If you're the customer from hell, don't be surprised when the front desk staff cheerfully and courteously refuse to do one iota more for you than company policy compells them to do. Conversely, sometimes I find myself giving people a discount just because they are friendly, easy going, and I don't think they'll make my job unnecesserily difficult. So, if you think you'll be needing a favour from the staff, try to not exhibit these traits:

a. Angry, irrational, or confrontational.
b. Slow reaction time (I hand you your room keys and you just stand there staring at me)
c. Calling or showing up at the front desk every 5 minutes all night long with frivolous or downright stupid requests.
d. Repeatedly asking for things that the hotel staff either cannot provide or is not allowed to (having to tell people 'no' is stressful and eventually the 'no' sayer starts to externalize the stress) fact, these are probably behaviors to avoid when dealing with anybody in a service sector job. Since starting my night job, I've gotten a lot better at negotiating with clerks, phone operators, and of course hotel staff.
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