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Subject:  Re: Tax Planning Question: my mom became single Date:  1/12/2000  2:31 AM
Author:  foolseb Number:  24872 of 127753

Orig posting by "foolseb":

<< My mom recently became "single" status when my father passed away unexpectedly in the middle of December 1999. For tax filing, my parents used to file jointly.

Now that my mom is single, how would this affect her tax filing for the year of 1999? Does she need to file partially as "joint" and partially as "single"? >>

Phil Marti wrote:

"There's not enough information in your post to determine what her filing status would be for 2000 and beyond. Information about filing statuses is in IRS Publication 501. (If she's now living alone and not supporting anyone but herself, she will file "Single" in 2000 and beyond.) If she's working, she should make sure that her W-4 reflects her new status."

Thanks for the input and suggestions about my tax question.

My father was 57 and mom is 54. It came as a shock to us and now we're trying to pick up the pieces he left behind. He owns the business and my mom is now taking over. So my mom is still generating income and supporting my 26-year-old sister who is graduating this June. I'm not sure whether my dad filed my sister as a dependent in the previous years. Might need to dig into the paper pile to find out.

Recently we also bought life insurance (something that my dad did not have) for my mom to compensate for the future estate tax payment. I still don't know whether this would be an ideal thing to do at this time. Might need to do more research on this one.

Phil: "For 2000, if she makes estimated tax payments, she should make them under her SSN."

Could you clarify on this issue? She will file the 2000 taxes under her SSN no matter what happens, right?



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