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Subject:  Re: How low can you go? Date:  1/14/2000  3:44 AM
Author:  xhail Number:  2184 of 794811

I had a carrer in management where I utilized my management and engineering degrees working 80+ hours a week making about $50,000.I was keeping up with the Jones and saving nothing, stressed out.I now have two jobs where I work less than 40 hours a week total, require no college, I have weeks off, could drink on the job if I really wanted to, and have averaged about $40,000 a year with far less stress and saving $20,00 a year.This year I am in a position where my total pay will go up to about $50,000 - 60,000 through some extra consulting on the side. I plan on still living on about $10,00 a year in a major city - Chicago!I am saving for both retirement while also working on plans for my own small business.

Rent (I split a $500 2br with a roomate) is $3000 year
Utilities (my share) $600 year
Groceries (I buy buy a month at a time with a very particular, healthy meal plan) $2000 year
Entertainment/nights out/videos/etc $1500 yr
Clothing/shoes/coats $400/yr
Transpotation (old BMW I maintain and paid for) $1000/yr
Vacation $500 -1000 year depending on a short or long trip
Haircuts $0 (my girlfriend is a hairstylist)
medical/dental $250 year max avg (sometimes higher, often way lower) (no insurance-I know risky)
Misc: papers, mags, pers care, household stuff,internet etc. about $750 year

Frugal, but not cheap.Trust me it can be done,although there are those here who think it is impossible.I li