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Subject:  Re: The Motley Fool brand Date:  1/20/2000  10:23 AM
Author:  michaelwj Number:  103 of 113

Phil wrote:
<Actually, French Connection UK pulled off a brilliant marketing re-invention doing precisely this. French Connection was an
unremarkable brand in the UK until someone had the idea to re-brand themselves FCUK, so that people wearing their
T-shirts made you check twice when the bold letters caught your eye.>

Well, I hope Fool UK wouldn't stoop so low as to try to
copyright FOUK. I am not saying I wouldn't try to get ahold of one of these t-shirts and maybe wear it occasionally around LA (where it might not draw much attention), but I would still favor my traditional American Fool shirt (like when I work out at the YMCA, or attend parent/teacher conferences and stuff).

<I understand they copyrighted not only FCUK but
every combination of those letters! Now if they got a royalty for each utterance.....;-)>
Yes. Imagine how expensive a Quentin Tarantino movie would be to make in the UK if that were the case. And an English version of the Blair Witch Trial--forget about it. It would run over budget 5 minutes after those kids got lost in the woods.

<Anyway, greetings from Fool UK!>
Great to hear from you.

(traditional Fool)

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