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Subject:  Re: Unwritten Rules of Wage Slavery Date:  1/31/2000  1:11 PM
Author:  kogrady Number:  2754 of 876054

Hocus wrote:
"Rule Two: Work Is The Norm, Personal Life Is The Exception. Since my first job, I have made it a practice to take one week of annual leave in the Spring to get back into my running routine and to catch up on reading projects. I've found that many employers (and even some fellow employees) look askance at the idea of an employee taking time off that is not directed to a "real vacation" (apparently, one involving travel and added expense)."

I've experienced similar response for taking time off for my daughter, even though I had the time coming to me. I reserve several vacation days a year for the flu season, days school is closed that aren't company holidays, and what I call "mental health days". Because I can't always plan these days ahead, I'm given the evil eye for requesting them off.

Hocus also said:
"Rule Three: You're Not Here To Have Fun."

I used to love my job and worked in a strong team-oriented atmosphere with people who's company I truly enjoyed. We had loads of fun and were highly productive. Due to a change in the business, we had a major restructuring which brought in new management who didn't embrace the team concept. The new manager immediately replaced my favorite people with his command and control buddies. Morale and productivity plummetted in a matter of weeks. At my annual review, I shared my concerns with the boss and told him I missed the fun. He said "We're not here to party" and suggested I look for another position in the company. I could not get him to understand that the fun I was talking about had nothing to do with partying. Some folks just will never get it!

I plan to retire later this year to spend more time with my daughter, volunteer at her school, and go back to school. If I ever work for money again, it will certainly be doing something fun!

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