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Subject:  Re: Unwritten Rules of Wage Slavery Date:  1/31/2000  7:54 PM
Author:  dhewie Number:  2766 of 794789

Ya know, reading the Unwritten Rules of Wage Slavery, and the talk of all of you "Free" people, makes me kind of thankfull of where I am. I have a good education, but it has not exactly gotten me the big bucks I was hoping for. I make enough to live comfortably, but not a lot. I have thought off and on whether I should look for another job. It's not only the money, but the 45 minute commute. But, thinking about it, I really am quite satisfied with my job. I can honestly say that I cannot relate to any of the five rules hocus talked about. I can take vacation anytime I want. Sure, I tell my boss first, to make sure there isn't a conflict since someone else has to cover a couple of the things I do. But that's common courtesy. Rule 2 definately doesn't apply. In our company's culture, work is the third priority. Number one is God, number 2 is family. I very seldom work more than 40 hours. Of course, my boss won't argue if I want to stay late. As for rule 3, we definately have fun. Everyone gets along great, we have luncheons in shipping all the time. As for number 4, control is definately not an issue. The last rule isn't an issue either. We are not pressured into anything, we do things because we actually want to.
I guess I am fortunate to work for s