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Subject:  Re: Unwritten Rules of Wage Slavery Date:  2/1/2000  10:58 AM
Author:  hocus Number:  2789 of 838038

BlissAK writes:

I have had a growing sense of unease with a certain acceptance of the idea that there exists a "man" lurking in the shadows who through his cunning forces people into slavery.

Using the term "slavery" in the heading was deliberately provocative and the structure of the post was playful (the aim being to take the edge off of a discussion that otherwise might be overly serious). I do realize that we are not talking about real slavery here and tried to make note of that in the conclusion. So if your concern is that, taken literally, some of the language is too strong, I don't disagree.

There is a serious point underlying the playful language, though--that the prevailing system of work calls for a level of "control" on the part of the employer that is sometimes excessive. The thrust of the post is that people should be aware of this, be concerned about it, and want to do something about it.

It's important to note that the proposed solution is not to see oneself as a victim. The wonderful thing about the Retire Early approach is that rather than giving up on finding meaning and independence in one's work or complaining about a situation without taking constructive steps to improve it, making a Retire Early plan means taking positive action to improve one's life. Those who retire early do not look to others to fix things; they an