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Subject:  Re: Unwritten Rules of Wage Slavery Date:  2/1/2000  6:04 PM
Author:  jtmitch Number:  2851 of 876060

bmullens wrote:

Technology, which is supposed to be making our lives easier, makes it impossible to "tune out" the workday. If I don't
stick around and answer every e-mail and voicemail, every page and cel call before I go home, I'm forced to take the
work home. God forbid anything should wait until the following business day.

My reply:

I really agree with this. The last company I worked for (whom I shouldn't knock too much because their stock which I didn't sell has had a remarkable recent runup) gave everyone a pager, a cell phone and a laptop. I called the total package my "electronic leash". It was basically impossible to be "out of touch" and have any private time. (The possible connection between such hard working employees and the recent stock runup is not lost on me; I just didn't like being on the leash.)

And while I'm on my soapbox, it now seems that the the rules of business decorum are for a phone call (cell or otherwise) or a page to preempt a face-to-face meeting. Most people I know will make a person who is sitting right in front of them - who may have made an appointment for the meeting - wait while they respond to a phone call or page. Is it just me or is there something really rude about that?

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